Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I guess I'll start with this

Welcome to my new blog about my suddenly crazy life :) I'm getting married! But along with getting married is all the planning that goes along with it. Hopefully by being able to write everything out will help me get my head and brain straight so I can come up with some unique ideas and make Jake and I's wedding something that will always be remembered!

Tomorrow I'll be going down to the State Theater to check out my possibly future venue. How exciting! and how daunting. I know I can make it work, as it was Jake and I already sort of wanted to get married there when we were visiting when he took his Film Appreciation class at MJC.

I will have to drastically change some plans that I had already had in place in my mind for the last several years (because there is not a girl out there who didn't plan their wedding when they were little). But, that's what being flexible is about :) Being able to go with the flow and change your mind on a whim.

At first, I wanted my colors to be dark blue and a dark purple, but if we decide to go with the State, I'll be changing my mind. Again.

I have to admit, it's tough, forcing yourself to change an idea that you've been planning for a couple years. But you can't stuff an elephant in the fridge JUST because you want to, it just can't happen, so instead I'm going to leave the elephant alone and work with what I have.

So here's my list:

- Make a list of all the movie themed piano music I have in my library and arrange it so it can be played at some point
- Dance party? Get music!
- Research invitations; check in with the State Theater, see if they have any ideas.
- Research classic movies for ideas (fun! hah hah)
- Need pictures scanned for slide show of bride and groom!
- Cookie dough, duh
- Draw up different cake designs, deliver to Pam
- Movie themed concessions?

By tomorrow, I'll be able to seriously plan once I see what I'm dealing with. I think I'll take my camera and record some video, and take some pictures :)

Cats want me to go to bed, goodnight!

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